Pollution and climate change and its effects

Pollution and climate change and its effects
Pollution and climate change and its effects


  • It is a constant threat to mankind.
  • Pollution means “contamination” of the purity of things.
  • Atmospheric pollution is the result of emissions of gases.
  • The major water pollutants.
  • Noise pollution is a many threat to human health.
  • Pollution is a danger to every living being.
  • Every man and woman should take part in the anti-pollution campaign.

“The most necessary pathological issues of pollution are extremely delayed and indirect.”

We are existing in the time of science and technology. Though we have made tremendous progress yet we have to pay much cost of this progress in Fehape of pollution. Man, in his effort to conquer everything, has upset the balance between living things and their surroundings souls on the holy earth. It is a constant threat to mankind and the entire civilization

Pollution means “uncleanness of the purity of things.” It has become a huge problem which is destroying the purity of the air, the seas and the land. The main issues of pollution are the continuous industrial development, the excessive use of automobiles and the population explosion. The wastes have been so great an amount that the capability of nature to dispose of wastes has become unable to purify the environment. This problem has assumed an alarming proportion. Our rivers, seas, land and air have become contaminated.

Atmospheric pollution is the result of emissions of carbon mono-oxide sulphur oxides and hydrocarbons. Factories are sending huge quantities of poisonous gasses into the atmosphere. Thousands of cars, buses and aeroplanes are pouring deadly poisons into our atmosphere. This severe situation has posed a serious threat to the life of living spęcies. Several people are suffering from various respiratory ailments that could threaten their very lives. Most of the industrial centres in Pakistan e.g. Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad. Multan, Gujranwala are suffering from pollution one way or the other.

The discharge of the poisonous gases is damaging the Ozone layer which protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. This may result in cancerous diseases and also cause an increase in atmospheric temperatures.

Human excrements, industrial discharges, nuclear wastes, hospital wastes and agricultural pesticide are the major water pollutants. These poisonous materials are contaminating nearby wells, canals, and rivers. The result is that we do not have pure water to drink. This water pollution is killing wildlife and sealife. It is also causing many diseases among human beings. The food crops irrigated with contaminated water also become poisonous. They also cause various diseases.

Noise pollution is another type of pollution. It is also many causes to human health. The constant noise of the factories disturbs our mental peace all the time. The workers are suffering with various psychological diseases because of the noise pollution of machines. The noise of rickshaws and other vehicles shatters our nerves.

Noise Pollution is a fatal threat to the survival of human beings, animals and vegetation. It is causing numerous human health problems such a cancer, weak eyesight, respiratory ailments, headaches, fatigue digestive disorder. The massive use of pesticide and herbicides is poisoning ecosystem of the earth. If it is not checked, fields and our forests will soon disappear. It will cause serious danger to green, animal and human life.

It is an important problem in the modern age. People must maintain a beneficial relationship with the rest of nature. Every activities which pollute the environment must be cut down. Every person should fulfil his duty by actively taking part in the anti-polluted campaign.

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