How to become a great manager?


Managing things is not an easy task. A manager is not just a term. It is a responsibility that involves a check and balance on the employee performance and improvement of the process flow of the company. Management is not an easy thing to do. It’s just like you are going to jump from the plane even if you are having a parachute. Becoming a manager means that you are the responsible person for the performance of your team. You will be questioned if any issue arises.

It requires some time to adjust to the new designation. There are chances when you are being overwhelmed. Do not panic in the situation. Just think that you are not the only one facing this situation. Someone like you had started the same journey.

Below are some characteristics that we have outlined. We have also asked the manages about their first journey and how they had faced the situations. What they had done to fix the issues etc.

Cooperative Environment

                                           A manager should create a friendly environment. Where his employees can work without feeling any pressure. When the team will get a positive environment. Their performance level would be increased. As a manager, you have to keep things in control. You have to listen to your employees and suggest to them what is the better thing to do in the current situation. Once you are being cooperative with your employees and offering them a friendly environment. You will get respect from your team and the senior executives as well.

Build relations with employees 

                                                   As a manager, you must know your employees. Make efforts in building close relationships with them. This will help you to know your employees in a better way. Always help your employees and advise them about their growth. Do not exploit the weakness of your teammates. Try to work on their skills and performance. Their improved performance will ultimately benefit you.  Always help and support your team so that you will get support from them in the time of need.   

Excellent communication 

                                          A manager must be equipped with excellent communication. If a manager is skilled and experienced and still he lacks communication skills. There is no way on the earth he could go very far. Therefore, a manager must be a good communicator. He should create an environment where everyone can show their concerns ideas and opinions. Communication does not only involves speaking. It is based on listening as well. A good communicator should speak well and listen to his teammates. 

This will not only help him to sort out the issue but also earn him respect in front of his team. 

Work for the team

                                If you are making your team to complete the tasks assigned by higher management. You must appreciate them once the task is completed. This will put the impression that you are a friendly and cooperative manager. Your teammates will respect you by putting them first. Treat the team like they are important to you and the company. Always reward your teammates if any of them scores high marks in monthly or quarterly evaluation.

Things to avoid 

                            It is easy for a manager to adopt a bad attitude and use it to complete his tasks by force. A manager has power and influence. He can force his team to do what he wants. Instead, a manager should work together with his team and appreciates them when required. He should give his feedback to the team. Attributes of a good manager involves treating the employees with respect.

Ending Notes

                    It is not easy to become a manager. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to become a manager. A manager is the sole responsible person for the performance of his team and the process flow of the company. Listening to employees and providing regular feedback to the employees will help a manager to earn the respect of his team. He should not misuse powers. He should create a friendly environment, where his team can work with dedication. This will boost the performance of the company and the manager will get recognition from the senior executives.  


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