Newspapers/Press and public Opinion/The Value of Mass Media



  1. An effective source of information.
  2. The barometers of public opinion.
  3. They can set the right tone of their reviewer.
  4. They carry something for every person.
  5. They should be equitable in their reporting.
  6. They should realize their national duty.

”Newspapers are the world’s mirrors”

(James Ellis)

Newspapers pays a very important role in the modern age of information. They are the most popular and most effective source news. With the extend of education, they are becoming more and more popular. They increase our knowledge and keep us updated. They contain news for all classes of people. They have thought-provoking stories, trade news, broadcast, sports news and political and literary articles.

Newspapers are the barometers of public opinion. They mirror the right sentiments of the people. They are the watchdogs of democracy and human rights. They blame the wrong policies of the government and accordingly highlight the national issues. Their social and political columns play a constructive role in making public opinion. Their free and fair reporting is important for the success of a democratic society.

“In these times we fight for ideas and newspapers are our fortress.”


Newspapers are very important for the promotion of patriotism, moral values, and patience. They can set the moral resonance of their readers. They expose anti-social and anti-national elements. They make us realize our duties and responsibilities as a member of civil society. They mobilize the public opinion against social evils like corruption, adulteration, bribery, terrorism, drug addiction smuggling, etc. Thus, they play a very effective role against social evils.

Newspapers carry something for every person. They contain commercial news for businessmen. Their advertisements help to advertise industrial goods and provide columns for vacant jobs to the jobless people. The sportsmen can enjoy the latest sports news and wonderful pictures of the sports activities. There are also colourful pictures and interesting stories of show biz. They bring to us the ideas and thoughts of the world-renowned thinkers, writers, poets, scientists, philosophers and politicians.

As newspapers play a great role in civil society, they carry a great responsibility as well. They should be equitable and honest in their reporting. They should avoid “yellow journalism” and blackmailing for monetary benefits. They should not project sensational news in order to increase their dissemination. They should not project the news about corruption, sectarianism, religious intolerance and political polarisation.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.”


Some newspapers accept bribes and play in the hands of evil people. sometimes, newspapers are enforced to change their policy by using the tool of advertisements which are the major source of income for the newspapers.

Newspapers should realize their national duty. In spite of hurdles and restrictions, they should work for the national interest and raise voice against social evils and violation of human rights.

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