What Is Academic writing


Academic writing is a type of writing that is formal, and precise. It is used in educational institutes like colleges and universities. It is similar to the other writings like content writing and article writing but it has a specific style in terms of structure. Academic writing comes in different types such as Journals, books, and reports.

Below are the types of academic writing.

  • Research paper
  • Essay
  • Research proposal 
  • Literature review 

All of the above writing types serve the same purpose. Following are the attributes of academic writing 

Formal and Neutral

                                     Academic writing neutrally conveys the information. The purpose is to argue based on evidences. Whereas all the statements must be backed by strong evidences, not based on assumptions. It is necessary in the academic writing that the writer should state the work of other expert researchers and his research results based on truth and be honest about constraints in the research work. The writer should not use informal language and conversational phrase 

Understandable and accurate 

Try to be clear and precise in your writing so the reader must know what you are trying to say. In other words, try to be short and specific. Do not use vague sentences. Like

Individuals have been interested in it for a long time ago instead you should phrase it like that 

Expert researchers have been taking interest in this phenomenon for at least 5 years ago.

Try not to obstruct your claims with vague words such as perhaps, Most likely. This would show that you are not confident in your statements. 

Well Structured 

                             Academic writing Is not just sentences of words. It has to serve the most important purpose. The writer should begin with the relevant question and then try to come up with an accurate argument. Add the information that is relevant to your arguments. A reasonable structure is tough to organize the original idea. Therefore, pay your attention to three things. 

  1. Text Structure
  2. Paragraph Structure
  3. Sentence Structure 

Start your paper with an introduction and then break the longer texts into paragraphs with clear headings. Understandably present all the information.

Accurate Sources.

Accurate Sources.

                                 Academic writing requires valid sources to back the claims. Sources are the texts that are used by authors. All the arguments must be backed by academic references. Academic writing is all about reference-based writing. There are different styles of references in academic writing. Commonly used reference styles are APA MLA and CHICAGO. Make sure that all the references are credible. For example, if a writer cites Wikipedia, it will not be recognized as a valid source. Therefore, go for the academic references that include Universities Papers Libraries etc.

Ending Notes  

                    Academic writing is a formal style of writing. You must not cite a reference to irrelevant sources like Wikipedia. Use academic resources from your college, university paper. Without proper references, no argument will be considered valid. Citations are a must in academic writing. That includes APA, MLA Chicago as well. Academic writing is not personal. Therefore, avoid addressing the reader personally. Use impersonal noun like one or someone etc. 


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